The Customer Experience In 2020


As America seems to be on the verge of reopening the economy, predictions are that people will begin to flood back to restaurants. For the restaurants that have survived the shutdown, this will be a much needed huge boom. However, this could also be a time of peril for those who can’t deliver a solid customer experience.

As patrons return they will be looking for a good time, a time to relax, and enjoy time out of the house. With this pent up demand, there will be expectations. If the restaurant can’t meet those expectations, patrons will find a new restaurant for their next adventure out. Coupled with expectations of good efficient service and good food will be the issue of trust.

On the experience side, patrons will want and expect a great atmosphere. A big part of this atmosphere is provided by the Audio/Visual experience. From menu boards to showcasing sporting events and news TV-style displays have become a staple in the restaurant and entertainment landscape. Additionally, background sound sets the tone for the patrons’ experience. Now is the time to test and upgrade all of the Audio Visual equipment to make sure it will deliver on a “re-opening” day.

Also on the experience side, is efficiency. Slow table turns and long waiting periods will drive patrons away. With the additional pressure of social distancing and the reality that there will be less table space available, the table turns over becomes even more important. Pay At The Table promising to save 8-10 minutes per table will be a critical asset in keeping wait times to a minimum.

For even greater efficiency a system like ePat can offer a complete tablet experience for patrons and staff. Tables can be tracked and assigned from a tablet by the hostess. A server can take a table order, send it directly to the kitchen and then track it’s progress right from a tablet. Any questions, errors, or discrepancies can easily be flagged by the kitchen and immediately resolved. This will also help with table turn overtimes. The experience will end with the server providing the final total and engaging in a Pay At The Table transaction.

To make sure all of this technology, the Audio/Visual equipment, the seating system, the ordering system, the payment system all work without a hitch a solid network infrastructure will be required. It will be important to find a partner that can meet all of your needs from A/V, point of sale, and IT network.

To build trust with customers restaurants will also need to utilize things like contactless payment with a Pay At The Table system. Additionally assigning a server one tablet where all aspects of food ordering, tracking, and payment can take place will help ensure patrons that surfaces are clean and safe.

An additional idea in transparency would be to install a kitchen camera where patrons will be able to monitor and see that cooking and food prep is being done in the most sanitary way. This along with proper social distancing, personal protective equipment and hand sanitizer on the table will help build that trust.

If you’re in the restaurant business and have not yet implemented contactless payment, or need to do some Audio/Visual or IT Networking upgrades it’s not too late! D16 is helping restaurants rapidly install contactless payment with existing or new POS systems to ensure health and safety aren’t barriers for your loyal customers.

Let us help you make technology a key differentiator in your comeback strategy. If you would like to learn more about how to integrate contactless payment into your systems, give us a call or reach out using the form below to start a conversation.

Whether you’re looking to improve the audio visual experience for your restaurant, or just want to find out more about us, feel free to get in touch.

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